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November sun

November has been an amazing month here in Greece with sunny and warm days! I spend my days with Lily who is now 13 months and we have the best time together really enjoying the warm weather. In the afternoons when my oldest daughter Nora comes home from school we often go to the parks to play or for a stroll and something to eat along the sea.

Waistcoat from Zara. Shoes from Adidas.

Chunky knit & Fishtail braid

Model: Josefine Ringblom Berg

It´s fall (even if some days still feels like summer here in Greece) so it´s time to get the chunky knitted sweaters out to keep warm! This one comes from Zara and paired with a cute fishtail braid this makes a great every day look!

Every Day Waves

This weeks post and hair tutorial on is how I do my every day waves in less than 5 minutes so head over there to check it out! The key is to use a small size curling iron and big sections!

Athens Xclusive Designers Week

Bottom photo credit: Nikos Zoto

Last week I went to Athens Xclusive Designers Week, the greek fashion week, together with Samantha & Josie. In the pictures are Kathy Heyndels beautiful flowy dresses. The hair was undone textured hair with waves and the makeup a strong dark lip.

Stacked Pull Through Braid

Hair model: Josefine Ringblom Berg
Hair extensions: Rapunzel of Sweden

Try this super cute stacked pull through braid that I made a tutorial for on! Click here for the full story and step by step instructions.

Crown Braid

Today I did this dutch fishtail crown braid on Nora. Her hair is perfect for this kind of hairstyle, medium length with some texture in it. She has a week of from school so we're having lazy mornings and days filled with fun activities.

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Hair model: Josefine Ringblom Berg
Hair & Photo: Ulrika Edler

How gorgeous is Josie in this dutch fishtail braid! To get extra length and volume I used hair extensions on her from Rapunzel of Sweden. It was so much fun when we were taking the pictures next to my pool, my cats just wouldn't leave us alone. They were playing with Josie's kimono and I was afraid they would destroy it so I tried to keep them away while taking the photos, not the easiest thing to do!

Rimming the waterline

Rimming the waterline is a great way to either give your eyes a more intense look or to open up the eye. Choose black to make your eyes stand out and appear more intense, one of my favourite eye pencils to use is Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Black Ice from MAC. Choose a light pencil to open up the eyes and to give the illusion of bigger eyes or if you like me have a baby or toddler that keeps you up at night it will help you to look less tired. My favourite is Eye-Iluminating Duo from Youngblood, one side has a matte finish and the other side has a shimmer finish. I like to wear the matte side for everyday and it´s also great to use as an eye shadow base. The shimmery side is nice when you have a matte neautral makeup and then some shimmer on the waterline or you can use it in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up.

Double Fishtail Braid

Hair model: Josefine Ringblom Berg
Hair & Photo: Ulrika Edler

This double fishtail braid is not at all as complicated as it looks. It´s two fishtail braids that you pull on the outer edges to create volume and then bobby pin them together on the back of the braids to make them look like one braid. If your hair hasn´t the length or the volume you would like just use some clip on extension, the ones I´m using on Josefine are from Rapunzel of Sweden.

Double Lace Braid

This is a pretty, everyday hairstyle perfect to wear to work or school. Once you get the hang of it it won´t take you long to make. Click here for the full tutorial...

Milkmaid Braid

My friend Ada came over the other day and I always take the opportunity to braid her hair and update my Instagram. This hairstyle turned out so pretty so I decided to do a tutorial on it. It´s wearable even if you are a bit older because this version of the milkmaid braid is more subtle (even though I´m a firm believer that you should wear your hair however you want whithout letting your age hold you back!). Follow the steps below to achieve the look:

1. Make a dutch braid starting just above your ear. Braid it around your head in the back incorporating hair only from up (like a lace braid). Leave some hair underneath for the second braid. Incorporate hair until you reach the next ear then braid the rest of it and secure with an elastic. Pull on the braid for extra volume. I pulled quite a bit and you can always use some bobby pins to keep the braid in place if you need to pull a lot to create volume, just pin them underneath the braid so they don´t show.

2. Now start a loose dutch braid on the other side of the head going parallel with the other braid. Incorporate again hair from up. When you reach the other ear continue to braid the rest and secure with an elastic.

3. Take the braid and drape it over your head securing it in place with bobby pins.

4. Do the same on the other side. Hide the end under the opposite braid and do the same with the end of the first braid.

New in

This is my newest makeup additions perfect for fall! The MAC palette has 9 cool colours and is a very versatile palette with many gorgeous colours perfect to create a smokey eye with. You can see a more detailed picture here! I have been wanting makeup from Charlotte Tilbury for a very long time and finally I bought this beautiful palette called the The Rock Chic and I wasn´t disappointed! It´s four amazing colours that you easy can take from day to night. For a tutorial on how to use it check out the creator herself making one of her iconic looks here! The blush is from Kjær Weis and is an amazing blush that gives you a healthy glowing look perfect for fall when you need some life to your face. It´s definately on the priceyer side but it´s organic and good for the skin so I bought it as a little treat to myself. You can find it here.

My favourite look for fall is to use one of the palettes to create a smokey eye and then pair it with a stain from my favourite plum lipstick Rebel from MAC. To create the stain you take some lipstick on your finger and then dab it onto your lips, this gives a less dramatic and more natural pop of colour like you just came in from the cold.

Bobby pin guide

If you have problems making your updo stay in place this is the guide for you! Head over to DivineCaroline to read all about it! Click here for the guide...

Infinity braid

The infinity braid is really something! It looks intricate and pretty and is a great way to dress up a ponytail! Go to DivineCaroline to check out the full post and tutorial I made for them!



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