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3 wedding guest hairstyles

Maybe you have a wedding to attend soon and don´t know what to do with your hair! Check out these three super pretty hairstyles that I did for with description on how to make them here...

Summer Essentials


It´s summer and hot days with sunshine and blue sky! The way we wear our makeup is a bit different than in winter so I listed some of my essential summer makeup products. And of course always use sunscreen under your makeup!!

1. For a summery glow I love the oil with golden shimmer called Huile Prodigieuse OR from Nuxe. Use it for example on the collar bones, shoulders or cheek bones.
2. Nailpolishes in bright, vivid colours are always so pretty during the summer. These are from Korres in the colours Pomegranate and Coral Hibiscus.
3. A light foundation like Mac´s Face and Body are most of the times enough during the summer and this foundation can also be used on the body. It´s a foundation you can build up to medium coverage in areas that need a better coverage.
4. A bright lipstick for a pop of colour is a necessity in my makeup bag during the summer. I love Girl About Town from Mac.
5. Or a lipgloss in a bright colour. I love the lipglosses from Nars.
6. A primer is a great idea to wear under the foundation during hot summer days to make it stay in place. A favourite of mine is Photo Finish from Smashbox.
7. And an eye shadow primer is definately a must when it´s hot. Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay makes the shadows stay put all day.
8. If your skin is on the oilier side, you sweat a lot or you simply like the matte look a mineral foundation is a great option during summer. The mineral foundations from Youngblood are my favourites. It mattens down the skin without it looking dry and stays on really well during the day.
9. For a fresh, radient, youthful looking skin a creme blush is perfect. In my makeup bag I always have one or two from Mac. In the picture is one from Mac in the colour Posey.
10. A golden sheen on the cheekbones looks amazing on a summer skin! Use the Lustre Drops in Sun Rush from Mac as a highlighter on the cheekbones for a fresh, summery look!
11. For a bronzy, sunkissed skin I love this Soleil Tan de Chanel from (obviously) Chanel. It gives a natural finish and is easy to use.
12. Maybe you have good skin and don´t need a lot of coverage or especially during the summer you want a natural looking skin since the strong light gives everything away, then this CC cream from Clinique is a great option. It also has spf 30 to protect you from the sun.
13. To finish of your makeup and make everything stay in place during the hot summer use a setting spray. I really like Fix + from Mac.

DIY Wedding Hair

If you want to save some money and do your own hair for your wedding this is a pretty, romantic style that is not too difficult to make on yourself. Or maybe you have a friend to help you so you can relax on your big day! Either way click here for the tutorial that I made for!

Beach Style

1. Here & Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here

The summer is in full bloom here in Greece and we have a lot of friends and family visiting from Sweden to enjoy the sun and the beach which means we spend a lot of time there. I love this casual, laid back, quite minimalistic (my swedish roots) look for a day at the beach and a great thing is that the dress and sandals you can wear at night too, I would add a belt to the dress to get a shape and a more dressy bag and you have transitioned it from day to night.

Lace & Flower Braid

I really enjoy braiding Nora´s hair and create pretty hairstyles on her. She on the other hand is not always enjoying me doing it. This one I made on one of her more cooperative days and I really like how it turned out. It´s a lace braid which means I only picked up hair from one side and then it ends in a flower braid.

4 strand Braid

I love love love this braid! It looks intricate and pretty and is a great every day hairstyle for days when you want to look extra chic! And it´s actually not that difficult to master! Click here for the tutorial and give it a try!

Half up Boho Braid

Try this braided half updo with a boho vibe perfect for summer parties and festivals or just as a cute every day hairstyle! Click here for full story and tutorial...

Insta Hair

This is some of the hairstyles I have been wearing lately and put on my Instagram! Most days I need a quick hairstyle since I have a baby that needs my attention but some days I make more of an effort. An easy half up style with a braid is always a favourite every day hairstyle of mine and so is a high ponytail here with a 3D braid. For a chic look I´ve been loving the infinity braid lately. Follow me on Instagram @yetanotherbeautysite for more hair inspiration!

The White Dress

Here you can find the dresses: 1. Here  2. Here   3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here and  7. Here

I´ve found so many beautiful white dresses that I want this year! All of the dresses above are more than welcome to move into my wardrobe! I can´t choose which one to go for! A white dress is great during the summer in hot Greece and depending on shoes and hair & makeup they can be dressed up or down. I like to wear mine with nude sandals, simple fresh makeup and boho hair since I live on the seaside never far away from a beach.

Easy Headband Ponytail

Summer is approaching fast, in Greece some days it´s already summer so I got in the mood to do a summery hairstyle with a tutorial on how to do it! It´s an easy, fast and pretty headband hairstyle perfect for a summer party! Follow the steps below to achieve the look:

1. Put on your favourite headband. I used one of my favourite flower headbands from Summerblossom. If you use one with an elastic instead of one that you tie in the back like mine it´s even easier. I like to have some waves in my hair for a casual summery feeling.
2. Gather the hair in a loose ponytail. This makes next step easier.
3. Make a hole just above the base of the headband.
4. Take the ponytail and flip it through the hole from the outside and inwards.

Take off the elastic and arrange the hair nicely, if you want extra security use a few bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

Dutch Braid Updo

This is a fast and cute braided hairstyle great for every day wear that I created a tutorial for over at! Click here for the full story and tutorial!

The Denim Dress

Spring and even some days summer has come to Greece so now it´s time for an update of the wardrobe and this spring I would like a denim dress! I really like nr. 2 from Zara but I didn`t try it on and it looks a bit short on the model on the picture but probably she is very tall. Nr. 1 from Vero Moda I also really like but I would use a belt with it to accentuate the waist since on me it would probably look like a tent if I didn`t. I think nr. 3 fom Current/Elliot will be the one I buy because it has the right fit and length. Nr. 4 also from Zara I do like but I prefer lighter denim I think.

Dragon Braid

It`s always fun to try new braids so when I saw this "Dragon Braid" on @lalasupdos instagram account and later a tutorial on YouTube from Cute Girls Hairstyles I gave it a try! I like it on Nora and she looks so nice paired with this green leo dress from Mini Rodini, like a little dragonleo girl! I like this dutch braid version but I think that next time I´ll do the french braid version that @lalasupdos did to really accentuate the dragon back.

Spring Favourites

My spring favourites and my every time I wear make up go to products at the moment is this lip & cheek combo! The creme blush from Mac called Ladyblush is one I always keep in my make up bag but the Long Lasting Lipliner in 01 neutral light and the Twist Lipstick in Raspberry from the greek fab brand Korres are new discoveries and my absolute favourite lip combo at the moment for a fresh spring look.

Lace Braided Half Updo

I love love love this lacebraided half updo! It´s cute and casual and paired with a summer dress it´s perfect for the upcoming summer. Click here for the tutorial!

Hair model: Josefine

4 strand braid half up do

Yesterdays hairstyle was this cute 4 strand braid half updo. The 4 strand braid gives bigger volume and for fine hair like mine it´s a great braid to wear like this because it pops more. Here you can find a tutorial for it but instead of a side braid just pick up hair from the front on both sides, braid the hair into two 4 strand braids and secure them with bobby pins in the back.

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Next time you want an eye catching hairstyle try this dutch fishtail braid! It pops even more than the regular french fishtail braid! It´s such a beautiful braid! If your hair is shorter stop to braid at the nape of the neck, pull out the braid for volume and secure with an elastic. I made a tutorial for this braid on so head over there to check it out!


I have been wanting this palette from Urban Decay for a very long time so for my birthday I had it on my wishlist and my mother was nice like always and gave it to me so finally I´m the owner of Naked2! I looked at all three of the palettes and Naked2 is my favourite and the one I think suits me best and also the most useful to keep in my kit for when I do makeup on others. The colours of the eye shadows are beautiful, I can´t even choose a favourite, they are very good quality and goes on smooth and are easy to blend. So it´s a very good buy for someone that are looking for an eye shadow palette that has very wearable colours, is easy to use and good quality.

I checked Youtube for tutorials from my favourite makeup gurus as inspiration on how to use the palette! You can find them here or here or here!

Rolled Up Headband Updo

Try this cute & casual updo when you are going out for dinner or to a party and want a hairstyle that looks like you made an effort but not like you tried too hard! Click here for full story and tutorial...

Birthday Party Hair

This past weekend was a weekend of birthday parties for Nora. To one of the birthday parties I made this easy and fast flower braid, this is really my go to hairstyle when I need to make cute hair fast. I secured her hair in a half updo with a small elastic, then I made a braid that I pulled out on one side creating the petals. Finally I rolled it up starting from the end to create the flower shape.

Fringe Mania

Spring fashion is in the stores now and everywhere I see clothes and accessories with fringes. You can go all in with fringe mania or wear something more discreet or not at all of course if you don´t like it! I like it but in a more discreet way! I just bought the dress from Zara shown in the picture above with a subtle fringe detail to wear on a warm summer day. But I love all of the 6 items! 1. Bag from Aldo here 2. Dress from Zara here 3. Scarf from Zara here 4. Bag from Zara here 5. Shoes from Zara here 6. Jacket from H&M here

Simple rope braid updo

A sweet and simple rope braid updo is this weeks tutorial on! Head over there for the full story and tutorial!

Fishtail braids

I did this hairstyle on my friend Josefine as a contribution to a competition for hairstylists and hairdressers for the swedish brand Hjärtligt. I was one out of five winners and the picture will be printed in their yearly book of hairstyles. The hairstyle is made up by fishtail braids! On each side of the head is a french fishtail braid and then all of the hair is braided in a normal fishtail braid that I made a bun of. Finally I fishtailbraided some clip in extensions and added them to and around the bun for extra volume and drama.

Grey, Yellow & a Fishtail

Today it´s Clean Monday here in Greece which means it´s 48 days until Easter Sunday. One way to celebrate is to fly kites. Everywhere you can see kites high up in the sky! We also went down to the beach to fly our kite and this year it was a succes, the kite went up quite easy, stayed up and came down in one piece! It had been raining in the morning so Nora was wearing her cute yellow rainboots, her coat from Zara and a simple fishtail braid.

Flower Braid

I love flower braids as you might have noticed! They are pretty, look intricate but are easy to do- what´s not to love! And with spring coming up it´s the perfect time to be wearing them! I did a tutorial for this flower braid on, head over there to check it out!

Pretty Low Ponytail & Flower Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for a day like Valentine´s Day! It´s pretty and romantic and the best part is that it´s easy and fast! Just folllow these steps to achieve the look!

1. I prefer this hairstyle with curly hair so start with making some curls. Then take a piece of hair from each side of the hair hanging down just where you would do a low ponytail.
2. Secure the two pieces together with a small elastic.
3. Make a three strand braid with the hair you secured. Pull out one of the sides to create volume, this will be the petals of the flower.
4. Roll the braid up to create the flower. It´s important you start from the end to roll it up and with the pulled out side on the outside.
5. Secure the flower braid with bobby pins.

Curls & Infinity braid

Today I went to my friend Josie´s house to do some things for her blog and a hair tutorial for mine, it´s a Valentine´s Day hair tutorial so it´s coming up on friday, make sure to check back then! For one of her fashion posts she was wearing a casual outfit with a chunky knitted sweater so I decided to make curls and an infinity braid. The infinity braid has the same casual feeling to it and is perfect for every day wear. Check out a tutorial here for it!

Top knot with Braid

I did this updo on Nora for a birthday party this weekend and I finally figured out an easier way to do it! Before I struggled with keeping the braid nice and firm while gathering all the rest of the hair into the high ponytail that becomes the top knot and I also had a problem since the head is tilted to decide where to stop the braid! This time I gathered the hair from above the ears and in a slight angle upwards towards the crown and placed it where I wanted the top knot to be, then I secured it in a ponytail with a soft elastic that is easy to pull off with one hand without harming the hair. Then Nora tilted her head just slightly forward while I was doing the french braid and when I reached the ponytail I knew it was time to stop so I held the braid with one hand and then took of the elastic of the ponytail with the other hand and gathered all the hair together and secured it all with an elastic. Then I made the knot/bun and secured with bobby pins. I really like this updo, it´s a nice update on a regular top knot!

5 strand Braid & Bun

I did this 5 strand braid & bun on my friend Ada but I hadn´t plan to do a tutorial. While I was doing it though I thought it was so cute I decided to do one but it was a bit challenging since I had to take the pictures and holding all the strands at the same time with some help from my model Ada so I´m sorry I don´t have more steps but I will try to explain it well. Anyway it´s a super cute updo and it is totally possible to do on yourself if you just focus a bit and has some arm strength. If you need a video tutorial on how to do a 5 strand braid click here...

1. Pick up 5 strands of hair on the top of one side of the head.
2. Cross the inner most strand under the strand next to it.
3. Then cross the same strand over the next strand.
4. Now take the outer most strand and cross it under the strand next to it.
5. Then cross the same strand over the next strand.
6. Now pick up a piece of hair next to the inner most strand and join them together.Do steps 2 and 3 again and the pick up some hair next to the outer most strand and join together with the outer most strand then do the steps 4 and 5 again.
7. Now you have your first full stich!
8. Continue braiding like this to the nape of the neck on the opposite side as where you started the braid. When there is no more hair to incorporate braid a 5 strand braid without adding hair to the outer strands, step 2-5 in other words. Secure the braid with an elastic.
9. Roll the braid up to a bun and secure with bobby pins.

I´m sorry if this one is a bit difficult to understand! But with the pictures and the text together I think you can figure it ou

Braided Half Updo

This is a casual looking braided half updo that looks super cute to any event!

I prefer this hairstyle with curls so first I curled the hair using my Amika curler.
1. Make a lace braid where you only incorporate hair from up going from one side of the head to the other. When you reach the other side turn the braid around and continue to make a lace braid and again only incorporate hair from up. When you reach the other side continue to braid a normal three strand braid and secure with an elastic.
2. Take the end of the braid and secure it in the middle of the lace braids.
3. If you have more braid secure it below the braids.

Insta moments

I love to do hairstyles and to braid Nora´s hair and this is some of my favourite ones that I have posted on Instagram. She has the nicest hair colour and some natural curls in her hair so it´s a joy making hairstyles on her.

Lily is getting bigger and bigger and now she gives the most amazing smiles and is really connecting with us! It melts my heart seeing this smiling face and hearing her little voice making the cutest sounds. <3

Flowerbraided Side Updo

I love this weeks tutorial I did for! It´s so effortless and cute and really wearable to many different events. And it doesn´t take long to do at all! Go check it out here...

Classic French Twist

You can never go wrong with the classics! Try this easy french twist for a sophisticated, elegant look when you are wearing a nice dress or pair it with casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans for a more toned down look. You can find the tutorial on DivineCaroline here...

Ladder Braid

How cute is this ladder braid on Nora! First I did a waterfall braid (the braid on the top, you can find a tutorial for it here) and then I picked up the strands from that braid and did a french braid. Finally I folded the end of the braid under and secured with bobby pins. I had some requests on doing picture tutorials on some of the latest styles I have been doing on Nora on my instagram besause it´s difficult to understand when I explain only in words so that is something I will do in the near future. It´s not Nora´s favourite thing to model for me so I don´t ask her too often and also now it´s getting dark early and I always take the pictures on our veranda so it´s only weekends I can do them. Anyway I will get to it as soon as I can!

3 cute hairstyles with a bow & a ponytail

Nora has been sick for a few days, yesterday she was better but stayed home from school just to be sure. Anyway, that meant that she had time to help me by being my little hair model. I did 3 hairstyles that end up with a low ponytail and a bow. She looks super cute in all of the styles but my favourite is the fivestrand braid to the lower left. The upper right is a simple twist were you take hair from each sides and twist around each other, then pick up more hair and twist around each other again. The lower right looks even better on thick hair. It´s a knotted updo, you make a knot like you do when you tie a shoe, add hair from the sides and make a new knot continuing down. The fivestrand braid is as the name says a braid with five strands instead of three. Which one is your favourite?

Favourite MAC Lipstick Shades

One of my favourite brands for makeup is MAC and one of their best products are in my opinion the lipsticks. So many different shades and textures to choose from! Everyone can for sure find a lipstick that suits them! I´ve tried many different ones over the years and by now I have some clear favourites that I like to keep in my makeup bag and makeup kit.

The Red: There are so many gorgeous red colours to choose from but my favourite is Russian Red. It´s a bluish-red shade in a matte texture. The blue in the red also makes the teeth look whiter which is a nice bonus.
The Nude: Nude colours that suit you are not the easiest to choose and it´s important to try them on before buying since they have a tendency of making you look washed out if you choose the wrong shade. I like Myth which is a light neutral nude in a Satin finish. A tip when you wear Myth is to have a light pink lipgloss on top to give a bit of colour to the lips.
The Bright: A pop of colour is nice to wear sometimes especially in the summer. Girl About Town is a really nice bright blue fuchsia in Amplified Creme texture.
The Drama: Rebel has been a favourite of mine for a long time! I just love the colour. To make it more wearable I make a stain instead of wearing it with full impact. Use a finger to dot it onto your lips. Rebel is a cream plum in Satin finish.
The Pink: Angel is a really beautiful pink shade and one of MAC:s bestsellers. It suits fair to medium skintones. It´s a soft pink in Frost texture. A great everyday colour.
The Coral: Shy Girl is a soft nude coral shade in Cremesheen and very wearable.

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