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This is a cute simple way to use a hairband! This hairstyle is both for everyday and for a dinner or party or something. Simply by changing the hairband you can change the look of the hairstyle. With a cute, floral hairband for example you get a more romantic look and it´s great for a summer party or a wedding and with the hairband I´m using it´s more casual I think. Anyway I hope you like it !

1. Use a heat protectant and curl your hair. Just make the curls you prefer, it works with big curls, tight curls and beachy curls. It all depends on the feeling you want. You can also sleep with loose braids to get a nice texture and then you don´t need to use heat on your hair!

2. Loosen up your curls a bit with the hand.

3. Use some volume enhancing product like a dry shampoo or a volume powder. I used Osis Dust it from Schwarzkopf.

4. Tease the crown lightly, I mostly do this because my hair is so flat on the crown and I need a bit volume there not really to get a big bump.

5. Put on the hairband. Leave a bit of the front hair/fringe .

6. Take a piece of hair from the front.

7. Twist it around the hairband.

8. Continue twisting.

9. If you need more hair to cover the band like I did just pick up a new strand of hair just under the hairband and continue to twist.

10. This step depends on the shape of your head. If you feel that it´s not secure enough use some bobby pins to secure it. For most people it´s ok without, the twisted hair keeps it in place.


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