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Double Fishtail Braid

Hair model: Josefine Ringblom Berg
Hair & Photo: Ulrika Edler

This double fishtail braid is not at all as complicated as it looks. It´s two fishtail braids that you pull on the outer edges to create volume and then bobby pin them together on the back of the braids to make them look like one braid. If your hair hasn´t the length or the volume you would like just use some clip on extension, the ones I´m using on Josefine are from Rapunzel of Sweden.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday afternoon we spent next to our pool. October is an amazing month in Greece with lovely warm temperatures and sundays like this is so relaxing for the body and mind. I love a good boho hairstyle and this one is simple and casual perfect for a lazy day.

Double Lace Braid

This is a pretty, everyday hairstyle perfect to wear to work or school. Once you get the hang of it it won´t take you long to make. Click here for the full tutorial...

Milkmaid Braid

My friend Ada came over the other day and I always take the opportunity to braid her hair and update my Instagram. This hairstyle turned out so pretty so I decided to do a tutorial on it. It´s wearable even if you are a bit older because this version of the milkmaid braid is more subtle (even though I´m a firm believer that you should wear your hair however you want whithout letting your age hold you back!). Follow the steps below to achieve the look:

1. Make a dutch braid starting just above your ear. Braid it around your head in the back incorporating hair only from up (like a lace braid). Leave some hair underneath for the second braid. Incorporate hair until you reach the next ear then braid the rest of it and secure with an elastic. Pull on the braid for extra volume. I pulled quite a bit and you can always use some bobby pins to keep the braid in place if you need to pull a lot to create volume, just pin them underneath the braid so they don´t show.

2. Now start a loose dutch braid on the other side of the head going parallel with the other braid. Incorporate again hair from up. When you reach the other ear continue to braid the rest and secure with an elastic.

3. Take the braid and drape it over your head securing it in place with bobby pins.

4. Do the same on the other side. Hide the end under the opposite braid and do the same with the end of the first braid.

Mermaid Braid

Hair model: Josefine Ringblom Berg
Hair & Photo: Ulrika Edler

The other day me and my lovely friend Josefine who is a new blogger for the swedish magazine Chic did a photoshoot next to the sea and this is one of the hairstyles I made! The mermaid braid feels so much like Greece and the never ending summer and a more suitable hairstyle for this view is hard to find! It´s such an intricate hairstyle but not at all difficult to make, check out a tutorial for it here...

Note: Don´t forget to check out Josefine´s blog here for a lot of fashion inspiration!

New in

This is my newest makeup additions perfect for the upcoming fall! The MAC palette has 9 cool colours and is a very versatile palette with many gorgeous colours perfect to create a smokey eye with. You can see a more detailed picture here! I have been wanting makeup from Charlotte Tilbury for a very long time and finally I bought this beautiful palette called the The Rock Chic and I wasn´t disappointed! It´s four amazing colours that you easy can take from day to night. For a tutorial on how to use it check out the creator herself making one of her iconic looks here! The blush is from Kjær Weis and is an amazing blush that gives you a healthy glowing look perfect for fall when you need some life to your face. It´s definately on the priceyer side but it´s organic and good for the skin so I bought it as a little treat to myself. You can find it here.

My favourite look for fall is to use one of the palettes to create a smokey eye and then pair it with a stain from my favourite plum lipstick Rebel from MAC. To create the stain you take some lipstick on your finger and then dab it onto your lips, this gives a less dramatic and more natural pop of colour like you just came in from the cold.

Easy Headband Updo

I´m in love with this romantic, soft, easy to make headband updo! It works on so many different occassions and even as a wedding hairstyle! The other week I wore it with a pretty summer dress going to a dinner. I did a tutorial for it over at that you can find here!


Last week we went to Hydra, a small island not too far from Athens and where we live. It´s sooo beautiful there and we´ll definately go again.

Note: I have a tutorial for the flower braid if you scroll down. My shoes are from here.

Bigger Braid

Not everyone is blessed with thick hair to make voluminous looking braids. But there are some great ways to make your braid look bigger and more voluminous even if you have fine hair. Click here to see how...

1 Base 2 Hairstyles

With one simple tie back base it´s easy to create these two hairstyles. Here I braided two four strand braids and tied them with an elastic in the back just because it gives it a little bit more intricate look but you can make a normal three strand braid or a fishtail braid and it´s just as pretty. When you have made your base it´s time to choose between a half updo or a full updo. The full updo I would say is a little bit more formal and the half updo is perfect for every day. But you can of course wear also the full updo as an every day hairstyle and maybe pair it with jeans and a knitted sweater for the upcoming fall! For the Half up you take the sides that´s closest to your face and fold it around the braid (try to hide the elastic) and if needed add one or two bobby pins to keep the hair in place. For the All up you take all of the hair and fold it around the braid, arrange it nicely and secure with bobby pins.

If you recreate any of the styles on my site please post them on instagram and tag me, I would love to see them! My insta is @yetanotherbeautysite

Twisted half updo

I really like the bohemian feeling of this twisted half updo. It´s my go to style for casual dinners or drinks! Click here for the tutorial....

Summer in Sweden

We have had a great vaccation in Sweden! One of my favourite moments was a morning swim with my Nora when we visited Tylösand in Halmstad.

Bobby pin guide

If you have problems making your updo stay in place this is the guide for you! Head over to DivineCaroline to read all about it! Click here for the guide...

Licorice braid

The licorice braid is great for days when you want your hair up and away but you are tired of your regular ponytail. It´s also a perfect hairstyle for when you are training! I did a tutorial for it on that you can find here...

Fishtail braided bun

This is such a cute hairstyle for hot summer days! It keeps your hair up while looking chic and casual. Pair it with a summer dress and sandals and you are ready to go! Click here for the full story and tutorial I made for!

Summer in Sweden

Me and my family are in Sweden at the moment visiting family and friends. It´s always nice to come back to Sweden and visit the people we love and some of our favorite places. One of those places are Västra Hamnen in Malmö (I grew up not far from Malmö), it´s a relatively newly developed water front area in Malmö with lots of cool architecture, restaurants and sun decks and from there you can also see our old hometown Copenhagen and the bridge between the two cities. Later we are travelling up in Sweden to another city called Halmstad, the city where I studied and my husband played football (soccer :-)) when we first met! In the picture it´s Nora jumping with the beautiful background of the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Infinity braid

The infinity braid is really something! It looks intricate and pretty and is a great way to dress up a ponytail! Go to DivineCaroline to check out the full post and tutorial I made for them!

Ribbon & Wings

This is a look I was wearing the other day going out for dinner. I love the boho feeling of it! The braid is a four strand ribbon braid, the dress is from Zara and the shoes from the greek brand Ancient Greek Sandals (I looove their sandals, they are a bit pricey but I use them more for evening wear so I don´t ruin them on the beach and so).

3 wedding guest hairstyles

Maybe you have a wedding to attend soon and don´t know what to do with your hair! Check out these three super pretty hairstyles that I did for with description on how to make them here...

Summer Essentials


It´s summer and hot days with sunshine and blue sky! The way we wear our makeup is a bit different than in winter so I listed some of my essential summer makeup products. And of course always use sunscreen under your makeup!!

1. For a summery glow I love the oil with golden shimmer called Huile Prodigieuse OR from Nuxe. Use it for example on the collar bones, shoulders or cheek bones.
2. Nailpolishes in bright, vivid colours are always so pretty during the summer. These are from Korres in the colours Pomegranate and Coral Hibiscus.
3. A light foundation like Mac´s Face and Body are most of the times enough during the summer and this foundation can also be used on the body. It´s a foundation you can build up to medium coverage in areas that need a better coverage.
4. A bright lipstick for a pop of colour is a necessity in my makeup bag during the summer. I love Girl About Town from Mac.
5. Or a lipgloss in a bright colour. I love the lipglosses from Nars.
6. A primer is a great idea to wear under the foundation during hot summer days to make it stay in place. A favourite of mine is Photo Finish from Smashbox.
7. And an eye shadow primer is definately a must when it´s hot. Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay makes the shadows stay put all day.
8. If your skin is on the oilier side, you sweat a lot or you simply like the matte look a mineral foundation is a great option during summer. The mineral foundations from Youngblood are my favourites. It mattens down the skin without it looking dry and stays on really well during the day.
9. For a fresh, radient, youthful looking skin a creme blush is perfect. In my makeup bag I always have one or two from Mac. In the picture is one from Mac in the colour Posey.
10. A golden sheen on the cheekbones looks amazing on a summer skin! Use the Lustre Drops in Sun Rush from Mac as a highlighter on the cheekbones for a fresh, summery look!
11. For a bronzy, sunkissed skin I love this Soleil Tan de Chanel from (obviously) Chanel. It gives a natural finish and is easy to use.
12. Maybe you have good skin and don´t need a lot of coverage or especially during the summer you want a natural looking skin since the strong light gives everything away, then this CC cream from Clinique is a great option. It also has spf 30 to protect you from the sun.
13. To finish of your makeup and make everything stay in place during the hot summer use a setting spray. I really like Fix + from Mac.

DIY Wedding Hair

If you want to save some money and do your own hair for your wedding this is a pretty, romantic style that is not too difficult to make on yourself. Or maybe you have a friend to help you so you can relax on your big day! Either way click here for the tutorial that I made for!

Beach Style

1. Here & Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here

The summer is in full bloom here in Greece and we have a lot of friends and family visiting from Sweden to enjoy the sun and the beach which means we spend a lot of time there. I love this casual, laid back, quite minimalistic (my swedish roots) look for a day at the beach and a great thing is that the dress and sandals you can wear at night too, I would add a belt to the dress to get a shape and a more dressy bag and you have transitioned it from day to night.

Lace & Flower Braid

I really enjoy braiding Nora´s hair and create pretty hairstyles on her. She on the other hand is not always enjoying me doing it. This one I made on one of her more cooperative days and I really like how it turned out. It´s a lace braid which means I only picked up hair from one side and then it ends in a flower braid.

4 strand Braid

I love love love this braid! It looks intricate and pretty and is a great every day hairstyle for days when you want to look extra chic! And it´s actually not that difficult to master! Click here for the tutorial and give it a try!

Half up Boho Braid

Try this braided half updo with a boho vibe perfect for summer parties and festivals or just as a cute every day hairstyle! Click here for full story and tutorial...

Insta Hair

This is some of the hairstyles I have been wearing lately and put on my Instagram! Most days I need a quick hairstyle since I have a baby that needs my attention but some days I make more of an effort. An easy half up style with a braid is always a favourite every day hairstyle of mine and so is a high ponytail here with a 3D braid. For a chic look I´ve been loving the infinity braid lately. Follow me on Instagram @yetanotherbeautysite for more hair inspiration!

The White Dress

Here you can find the dresses: 1. Here  2. Here   3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here and  7. Here

I´ve found so many beautiful white dresses that I want this year! All of the dresses above are more than welcome to move into my wardrobe! I can´t choose which one to go for! A white dress is great during the summer in hot Greece and depending on shoes and hair & makeup they can be dressed up or down. I like to wear mine with nude sandals, simple fresh makeup and boho hair since I live on the seaside never far away from a beach.

Easy Headband Ponytail

Try this easy, fast and pretty headband hairstyle perfect for a summer party! Follow the steps below to achieve the look:

1. Put on your favourite headband. I used one of my favourite flower headbands from Summerblossom. If you use one with an elastic instead of one that you tie in the back like mine it´s even easier. I like to have some waves in my hair for a casual summery feeling.
2. Gather the hair in a loose ponytail. This makes next step easier.
3. Make a hole just above the base of the headband.
4. Take the ponytail and flip it through the hole from the outside and inwards.

Take off the elastic and arrange the hair nicely, if you want extra security use a few bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

Dutch Braid Updo

This is a fast and cute braided hairstyle great for every day wear that I created a tutorial for over at! Click here for the full story and tutorial!

The Denim Dress

Summer has come to Greece so now it´s time for an update of the wardrobe and this summer I would like a denim dress! I really like nr. 2 from Zara but I didn`t try it on and it looks a bit short on the model on the picture but probably she is very tall. Nr. 1 from Vero Moda I also really like but I would use a belt with it to accentuate the waist since on me it would probably look like a tent if I didn`t. I think nr. 3 fom Current/Elliot will be the one I buy because it has the right fit and length. Nr. 4 also from Zara I do like but I prefer lighter denim I think.

Lace Braided Half Updo

I love love love this lacebraided half updo! It´s cute and casual and paired with a summer dress it´s perfect for the upcoming summer. Click here for the tutorial!

Hair model: Josefine

4 strand braid half up do

Yesterdays hairstyle was this cute 4 strand braid half updo. The 4 strand braid gives bigger volume and for fine hair like mine it´s a great braid to wear like this because it pops more. Here you can find a tutorial for it but instead of a side braid just pick up hair from the front on both sides, braid the hair into two 4 strand braids and secure them with bobby pins in the back.

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Next time you want an eye catching hairstyle try this dutch fishtail braid! It pops even more than the regular french fishtail braid! It´s such a beautiful braid! If your hair is shorter stop to braid at the nape of the neck, pull out the braid for volume and secure with an elastic. I made a tutorial for this braid on so head over there to check it out!

Rolled Up Headband Updo

Try this cute & casual updo when you are going out for dinner or to a party and want a hairstyle that looks like you made an effort but not like you tried too hard! Click here for full story and tutorial...

Flower Braid

I love flower braids as you might have noticed! They are pretty, look intricate but are easy to do- what´s not to love! And with spring coming up it´s the perfect time to be wearing them! I did a tutorial for this flower braid on, head over there to check it out!

Pretty Low Ponytail & Flower Braid

This hairstyle is pretty and romantic and the best part is that it´s easy and fast! Just folllow these steps to achieve the look!

1. I prefer this hairstyle with curly hair so start with making some curls. Then take a piece of hair from each side of the hair hanging down just where you would do a low ponytail.
2. Secure the two pieces together with a small elastic.
3. Make a three strand braid with the hair you secured. Pull out one of the sides to create volume, this will be the petals of the flower.
4. Roll the braid up to create the flower. It´s important you start from the end to roll it up and with the pulled out side on the outside.
5. Secure the flower braid with bobby pins.

5 strand Braid & Bun

I did this 5 strand braid & bun on my friend Ada but I hadn´t plan to do a tutorial. While I was doing it though I thought it was so cute I decided to do one but it was a bit challenging since I had to take the pictures and holding all the strands at the same time with some help from my model Ada so I´m sorry I don´t have more steps but I will try to explain it well. Anyway it´s a super cute updo and it is totally possible to do on yourself if you just focus a bit and has some arm strength. If you need a video tutorial on how to do a 5 strand braid click here...

1. Pick up 5 strands of hair on the top of one side of the head.
2. Cross the inner most strand under the strand next to it.
3. Then cross the same strand over the next strand.
4. Now take the outer most strand and cross it under the strand next to it.
5. Then cross the same strand over the next strand.
6. Now pick up a piece of hair next to the inner most strand and join them together.Do steps 2 and 3 again and the pick up some hair next to the outer most strand and join together with the outer most strand then do the steps 4 and 5 again.
7. Now you have your first full stich!
8. Continue braiding like this to the nape of the neck on the opposite side as where you started the braid. When there is no more hair to incorporate braid a 5 strand braid without adding hair to the outer strands, step 2-5 in other words. Secure the braid with an elastic.
9. Roll the braid up to a bun and secure with bobby pins.

I´m sorry if this one is a bit difficult to understand! But with the pictures and the text together I think you can figure it ou

Braided Half Updo

This is a casual looking braided half updo that looks super cute to any event!

I prefer this hairstyle with curls so first I curled the hair using my Amika curler.
1. Make a lace braid where you only incorporate hair from up going from one side of the head to the other. When you reach the other side turn the braid around and continue to make a lace braid and again only incorporate hair from up. When you reach the other side continue to braid a normal three strand braid and secure with an elastic.
2. Take the end of the braid and secure it in the middle of the lace braids.
3. If you have more braid secure it below the braids.

Insta moments

I love to do hairstyles and to braid Nora´s hair and this is some of my favourite ones that I have posted on Instagram. She has the nicest hair colour and some natural curls in her hair so it´s a joy making hairstyles on her.

Flowerbraided Side Updo

I love this weeks tutorial I did for! It´s so effortless and cute and really wearable to many different events. And it doesn´t take long to do at all! Go check it out here...

Classic French Twist

You can never go wrong with the classics! Try this easy french twist for a sophisticated, elegant look when you are wearing a nice dress or pair it with casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans for a more toned down look. You can find the tutorial on DivineCaroline here...

Ladder Braid

How cute is this ladder braid on Nora! First I did a waterfall braid (the braid on the top, you can find a tutorial for it here) and then I picked up the strands from that braid and did a french braid. Finally I folded the end of the braid under and secured with bobby pins. I had some requests on doing picture tutorials on some of the latest styles I have been doing on Nora on my instagram besause it´s difficult to understand when I explain only in words so that is something I will do in the near future. It´s not Nora´s favourite thing to model for me so I don´t ask her too often and also now it´s getting dark early and I always take the pictures on our veranda so it´s only weekends I can do them. Anyway I will get to it as soon as I can!

Favourite MAC Lipstick Shades

One of my favourite brands for makeup is MAC and one of their best products are in my opinion the lipsticks. So many different shades and textures to choose from! Everyone can for sure find a lipstick that suits them! I´ve tried many different ones over the years and by now I have some clear favourites that I like to keep in my makeup bag and makeup kit.

The Red: There are so many gorgeous red colours to choose from but my favourite is Russian Red. It´s a bluish-red shade in a matte texture. The blue in the red also makes the teeth look whiter which is a nice bonus.
The Nude: Nude colours that suit you are not the easiest to choose and it´s important to try them on before buying since they have a tendency of making you look washed out if you choose the wrong shade. I like Myth which is a light neutral nude in a Satin finish. A tip when you wear Myth is to have a light pink lipgloss on top to give a bit of colour to the lips.
The Bright: A pop of colour is nice to wear sometimes especially in the summer. Girl About Town is a really nice bright blue fuchsia in Amplified Creme texture.
The Drama: Rebel has been a favourite of mine for a long time! I just love the colour. To make it more wearable I make a stain instead of wearing it with full impact. Use a finger to dot it onto your lips. Rebel is a cream plum in Satin finish.
The Pink: Angel is a really beautiful pink shade and one of MAC:s bestsellers. It suits fair to medium skintones. It´s a soft pink in Frost texture. A great everyday colour.
The Coral: Shy Girl is a soft nude coral shade in Cremesheen and very wearable.

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