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Easy every day hair

This is 4 easy every day hairstyles I´ve been wearing lately. It´s not always you have time or feel like spending a lot of time on your hair and then it´s great to have a few hairstyles to go to for cute hair in no time!

The fishtailbraid bun is easy to ceate! You first make a high ponytail, then fishtailbraid the ponytail and twist it around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Make sure that you can see the fishtailbraid.

Easy twisted half updo is is a very cute go to look for every day! You start with one side of the head and in the front you take two pieces of hair next to each other and change position on them, then you add hair to the lower strand of hair and change position on them again. Continue like this until you reach the middle of the back, at the end you don´t have to add hair just twist them around each other. Secure it temporarily with an elastic or a clip. Do the same on the other side. Secure them togehter in the back with an elastic.

Fluffy fishtailbraid is one of my favorite hairstyles. You make a high ponytail, backcomb the top of the ponytail a bit, smooth out the surface, and create a fishtailbraid at the end of the ponytail. So easy and quick!

Braid in braid! It´s super easy to make and so cute. You can make it in the back, on the side or as a high ponytail. I did a tutorial for it on Check it out here...


Lauren Conrad inspired updo

Check out the tutorial for this pretty Lauren Conrad inspired updo I did for DivineCaroline! It looks even better on a hair that is not as long as mine and on the thicker side but it can totally work on many different hair lengths you just have to be a bit creative with it.


Check out the Youtube channel of the amazing Jenny Strebe from The confessions of a hairstylist and subscribe for new creative hair tutorial videos every week! I love her channel, she does amazing tutorials and it´s so easy to follow and recreate on your own hair. One of my favorite is this 3 ways to wear the same braid!

Get ready for spring

Spring is here and it´s time to get your hair, body and face ready for the new season! I teamed up with TruSelf Organics to create this post because I wanted to use products that are all natural and good for both skin and hair as well as the inside of the body! And cruelty free! Read the story about the brand here...

Body: Your body has been hidden away in layers of clothes the whole winter and now it´s time to show some skin again! Maybe you didn´t pay to much attention to your skin and you really need a new start. One very important thing is to exfoliate the whole body to get rid of all the dead skin cells and get your skin back on track. This is also very important to do before any hair removal treatment or faux tanning treatment or product. Just remember not to do it the same day!
Moisturize your body well to get rid of the dryness that winter can create! This bodybutter is amazing... And last but not the least buy new sunscreen! The spring sun can be really harsh so protect your skin!

Face: Again exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells! If you´re not already using one on a regular basis now is a good time to start to use a good facial mask. A facial mask is a great way to give your skin the little extra attention it needs. For example if your skin is dry it can give extra hydration, if you have red or irritated skin it can help to calm down and soothe and so on. Spring time is also a good time for reviewing your facial creams! Your skin might be more on the dryer side during winter so you need a more hydrating cream, when the weather becomes warmer the skin might need a cream that is less hydrating. My skin for example is very dry in winter time if it´s cold and I need a cream that really hydrates the skin. During the warmer season the same cream makes my skin break out and I need a a cream for combination skin.

Hair: Maybe you always take good care of your hair but if you feel like your hair needs a fresh start and back to a healthy status trimming your ends and using a hair mask is the key thing to do. You should also make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain a beautiful, healthy hair. And why not try something new! A new haircut you have been thinking of or a new colour!


This is a cool, fun boho hairstyle that will be perfect for the upcoming music festivals or concerts! Check out the tutorial I did on DivineCaroline...

Spring colours

Spring is in the air and I start to feel like being more colourful again! If you are a person who likes your black or dark clothes wear some colours on the nails! Or like me some colour on the sunglasses!

There are so many cute colours from different brands of nailcolours it´s hard to choose. These colours are from the greek brand Korres.


Sometimes a regular ponytail can feel boring! Try this weaved ponytail instead and you have a casual, cute ponytail in no time! Check out the tutorial here...


My sweet friend Ida who has a fashion blog was nice enough to lend me her hair for a tutorial. It was fun to make a tutorial on a friend for once as I can actually see what I´m doing and it´s nice to see the result on another haircolour than mine for a change. This hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer with its casual, romantic feeling. To create it follow these steps:

1. Curl your hair. I used a wand called Cera Wand that is 25-38 mm or 1-1.5 inch wand.
2. Take the front hair and/or fringe from each side of the head and twist it lightly towards the back of the head.
3. Now you are making a fishtailbraid! If you don´t know how check out step 3-6! First take a small piece of hair from the right side of the twisted hair.
4. Cross it over to the left side and incorporate it with the left side.
5. Take a small piece of hair from the left side.
6. Cross it over to the right side and incorporate it with the right side. This is the procedure of a fishtailbraid so keep on doing the same until you are happy with the lengt.
7. Now pull on the braid a bit to create some volume. Secure with an elastic.


A ponytail is the easiest and fastest way to put your hair up and I tend to wear my hair often like that. Most of the time I just do it quickly and don´t actually take a look at how it looks. But there are days where I like to take care a bit more and then I want it to look voluminous and long. And since my hair is on the medium to thinner side there are a few tricks I like to use!

1. Have some texture in your hair. My hair has second day curls and that is perfect to create this kind of ponytail with.
2. Section of your hair from ear to ear in a half moon shape. Put the lower hair in a ponytail.
3. Now take the top hair, smooth it out and make a ponytail a bit above the other, don´t put them too close toghether as the top one hides the bottom one and if it´s to close to the top ones base it will show. Try your way around a bit.
4. Hide the elastic with a piece of hair and secure with bobby pins.
5.To get the ponytail to look fuller and more perky there is an easy trick. First backcomb the top of the ponytail with a light hand, use spray if you want to for hold.
6. Then take a small clip and clip it right into that ponytail. The clip will push up the hair and make it look perky! Note! In the picture above I didn´t backcomb yet just so the clip would show more clear!

Finished! The thinner the hair the more difficult to hide the little tricks of course but a bit of backcombing in the whole ponytail can do the trick!

Easy & Cute Braid in Braid

Check out this easy & cute Braid in Braid I did for DivineCaroline! A great way to make your normal braid a bit more interesting!

Messed up five strand braid

Isn´t it funny how from a mistake something really nice and interesting can come out of it! Like this braid I did on my friend Josefine! I love this braid but it´s a mistake! I was suppose to make a regular neat looking dutch five strand braid and the way you do it is that you pick up five strands on top of the head and then you cross the right outer strand under the forth strand and over the third and then you go to your left side and cross the first strand under the second strand and over the third. Then from the right side again and this time you pick up hair and incorporate with the fifth strand before you cross it under the forth and continue the same way as before. I was talking so much I didn´t think so instead I cross the fifth strand under the forth, then over the third and then under the second and then I started from the left side and crossed the first strand under the second, over the third and then under the forth. Picked up hair and incorporated it with my fifth strand and continued the same way. And so the messed up five strand braid was born! I really liked the result though with it´s messy not perfect feeling so it´s definately a mistake I will continue to make every now and then!


To line your eyes is the best way to emphasize your eyes and create the shape you desire. You can do it in a bold way for a statement eye or in a subtle way to make the eyelashes appear thicker, like for example create a cat eye look or just tightline. There are so many possibilities to what to do with an eyeliner and there are so many different ways and products to do it with. Here I show you 6 products/ways to do it!

1. Liquid eyeliner. With this one you create a sharp eyeliner, you can choose how big impact you want by varying the size of the line, from a more subtle flick to a full on cat eye. My favorite is Precision Eyeliner from FACE Stockholm

2. Gel eyeliner. With this one you also create a sharp eyeliner but you have a bit of room to make it softer. Before it dries you can take a cotton swab and soften up the outer line. But I mostly use it to create sharp eyeliner looks. I normally use Blacktrack from MAC with the brush 210 also from MAC.

3. If you don´t have an eyeliner for example you can create one from a powder eyeshadow! Use a little bit of water on your brush and pick up some product from the edge of the eyeshadow (it´s important it´s on the edge not to seal your eye shadow since you used water on the brush), then line your eyes. It also gives a sharp eyeliner look. In the picture is Carbon from MAC but you can use any that you have.

4. Take a loose pigment or eyeshadow, add some water to the brush, pick up some product and use it ot to create a beautiful line. This is my favorite way to get a colored eyeliner! There are also products to use instead of water to make it waterproof if needed! In the picture is a pigment from MAC called Grape.

5. You can also create a soft lining of the eye. I use this technique a lot especially during the day. Take an eyeshadow that is on the darker side, use an angel brush (I normally use 266 from MAC) and line your eyes. To create an even softer look use a cotton swab or brush to soften up the line. If you want to you can create a soft flick on the outer corner which I really like to do since it creates more of a shadow so from the front your outer lashline and the area next to looks fuller and more "lashy".

6. An eyepencil can be easier to use if you are not used to eyeliner since it´s more forgiving. Actually you can make this into a sharp OR a soft look. Line your eye with the pen, sharpen the line with an angle brush, use a cotten swab to correct misstakes if you want a sharp look. For a soft look either line your eye with a pen and soften up the line with a brush or cotton swab or use the angle brush to pick up some color from the eye pencil and the create a soft line with it. I only use an eyepencil for a soft lining of the eye because I prefer a gel eyeliner for the sharper look One reason is that it´s not as long lasting as a liquid or gel eyeliner. You can though seal the pen with an eyeshadow to "lock" it into place. This you do by taking a powder eyeshadow on your angle brush and press it onto the line you made with the eye pencil. One of my favorite eye pencils is Prunella from MAC as seen in the picture.

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