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4 strand braid

A 4 strand braid with one strand smaller than the other is my new favorite braid! It looks more advanced than it really is and with just a little bit of training everone can do it! I love to learn a new braid, in the beginning it can be frustrating but than finally your fingers do what you want them to do and you have created a beautiful braid. In the picture up is my daughter Nora with the beautiful swedish fields in the background and in the picture down my friend Erica with her long, blond, amazing hair. I´m thinking to make a tutorial for this braid since it´s so cute!

Twisted half updo

I did this cute hairstyle on my friend Erica a few days ago, it´s an easy twisted half updo secured with bobby pins! First curl your hair. Then take two pieces of hair from the front, twist them lightly in the same direction and then twist them around each other the opposite direction. Pull on the lower part to create volume. Secure the one side temporarily with a clip or a bobby pin and do the same on the other side. Connect them in the back and secure them in place with bobby pins. Try to hide the bobby pins under the twisted hair!

Simple summer knot

This weeks tutorial on is this knotted half updo. I like the casual, effortless feeling this cute hairstyle evokes. Wear it for an everyday look, or wear it to dress down an outfit. The hairstyle would pair perfectly with a party dress and heels or with jeans and a cute T-shirt. Check out the tutorial here...

Nora´s summer wardrobe

The summer is still in full bloom! Also here in Sweden where we are on vaccation at the moment. And in Greece where me and my family normally lives its 2-3 months left of it! Before I had my daughter Nora I bought much more clothes for myself but now I really enjoy shopping for her instead. Now a days there are so much beautiful children´s clothes! And my favorite clothes for kids are of danish and swedish design togehter with Zara. The scandinavians really know how to make children´s clothes and since H&M is swedish it doesn´t have to be expensive. In the collage are my favorites from my daughter´s summer wardrobe! For bigger pictures and brands click here...

3 ways to accessorize your hair with bobby pins

Why not use bobby pins for something else than to secure hairstyles with hidden away. They can be really cute to use as an accessory also! On I share my 3 favorite ways to style your hair with bobby pins. Click here for the whole story...

Golden Summer

I love the golden bronze look for summer but since I of course use SPF on the face I need to create it with some products! And it´s so pretty to match a golden skin with some nailpolish and lipsticks in bronzy, nude or golden colors!

1. Bronzing gel from Sensei- use it where the sun would hit the face or to warm up the skintone on your neck if it´s paler than the face and body since it´s difficult for the sun to reach this area.
2. Huile Prodigieuse OR from Nuxe- a beautiful golden shimmer, use it on the collar bones, cheek bones or some exposed skin area you want to highlight.
3. Myth from Mac- a nice nude lipstick that looks beautiful to a sunkissed skin.
4. Teracotta 4 seasons in Blondes from Guerlain- a powder bronzer to warm up the skin with and create a beautiful tan.
5. Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze from Bobbi Brown- a bronzing highlighter to use on the decolletage, on the cheekbones or any other place you want to highlight your skin.
6. Nailpolish Inattendu from Chanel and Soirée from Mac- a perfect combo, first use the Inattendu as a base and then Soirée on top of it.
7. Soleil Tan De Chanel from Chanel- a bronzing makeup base to use to create an overall tan if your face is much lighter than your body or to use where the sun would hit the face if you just want some extra tan or to use as a shading product to emphazise your cheekbones or sculpt the face.
8. Lustre Drops from Mac- beautiful drops to create an amazing golden look with, use it on the cheekbones to highlight them or the collarbones if you wear a wide cut top.
9. Pigments in Copper Sparkle, Chocolate Brown and Tan from Mac- I love the pigments from Mac! All three shades are beautiful to match with a golden tan.
10. Straight to the head from Mac- use it over a nude lipstick or on it´s own.

Romantic fishtail braid

This bohemian-looking fishtail braid is one of my favorite hairstyles. I also love it as a bridal hairstyle because it has a romantic, feminine and loose feeling to it. The hairstyle works best on long hair with texture, like curls or waves in it because it gives more volume to the braid. If you don't have long hair and would like to wear your hair this way, you can always use clip in extensions; the hairstyle works very well with extensions. And add some flowers for an even more romantic feeling to the hairstyle. Click here for the tutorial...

Crown braid with a bun

I love to wear casual braided updos on hot summer days so I created a tutorial for this super cute hairstyle for DivineCaroline. This crown braid is the perfect way to keep cool while looking cute. I like to wear it a bit messy for a less formal style. It works on different lengths of hair, and you can wear it with any kind of texture. Click here for the tutorial...

Messy side ponytail with micro braids

This messy side ponytail has a bohemian look that's perfect for those days when you want to be casual. Wear it with a maxi skirt and sandals for a relaxed summer look! The style works best for medium length to long length hair. The texture needs to be curly or wavy to get the right feeling so you might need to add a little texture before starting this look. Click here for the tutorial...

Messsy bun

My daughter looks adorable in a top knot and it´s a great hairstyle to get all the hair out of the way. The other week I did it with a braided back or neck maybe I should say and that made the hairstyle even more interesting. You flip your head upside down and make a french braid (or a dutch braid if you want to) then you secure it with the rest of the hair in a high ponytail. After that you create your bun by twisting the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. A tip if you have slippery hair or find it difficult to keep the braid while you gather the rest of the hair is to secure the braid with a small elastic and then gather the hair and secure all of it with another elastic.

These pictures are taken on our veranda in beautiful Greece. Right now me and my family are in Sweden, our home country, for six weeks visiting and spending time with family and friends and we´re having an amazing time. I wish all of you a great summer too!!

Easy twisted bun

This is a nice and easy twisted bun for those days when you want your hair to look chic but don´t have a lot of time to spend on it! Follow these steps to achieve the look:

1. Make a side part
2. Section of your hair on the side with the most hair from ear and up. Secure it out of the way.
3. Make a low side ponytail.
4. Twist the hair around itself.
5. Then twist it around the base of the ponytail to create a bun.
6. Secure with bobby pins.
7. Now take the front hair and twist it.
8. Secure the front hair around the bun with bobby pins. Make sure you hide the ends.

Finished! Now you have a cute twisted bun!

Rose pink makeup look

For a fresh makeup look during the summer I like the rose pink look! There are so many nice products for the lips, cheeks and nails but these are some of my favorites. For daytime I´ve switched my foundation to a CC cream from Clinique with SPS 30 and I put it on very lightly only where I need it. Then I use a cream blush like the one above called Posey from Mac. On my lips I wear a pinkish lipgloss for a fresh daytime look. If you want your makeup to last in the heat don´t forget to wear a primer under the foundation and use a transparent powder after the foundation and cream blush and apply a powder blush in a similar color on top. On the lips use a lipstick that you applied with a brush and on top the lipgloss. With this I only wear mascara and if I´m not too lazy I lightly fill in my eyebrows.

Nailpolish: Ming from Chanel
Creme blush: Posey from Mac
Powder blush: Fresh from Make up store
Lipstick: Faux from Mac
Lipgloss: Partial to pink from Mac

Lacebraided Updo

So today it´s time for the third and final tutorial for middle length hair! The lacebraided updo! Braids are always cute for summer so this is a great hairstyle for those hot summer days or warm summer evenings we have in front of us! My model for these hairstyles is my friend Ida who blogs for the swedish magazine Chic. Check out her blog here... To try this hairstyle follow these steps:

1. Make a lace braid by only picking up hair from one side when you are braiding. Don´t braid tight to the head but instead almost next to the head.
2. Do the same on the other side.
3. Take one of the braids and pin it up horizontally with bobby pins.
4. Do the same with the other one.

Now you have a cute braided updo! Wear it with a cute summer dress and sandals and you are ready to go!

Headband Updo

Now to the second of the tutorials on my beautiful friend Ida for middle length hair! This hairstyle is so adorable and one of my favorites. It works just fine on longer hair too but there is more to tuck away and still make it look nice. This hairstyle is so perfect for a summer party or when you are attending a wedding. Follow these steps to get the look:

1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later.
2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed.
3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

Easy Chignon

So it´s time for the first of the hairstyles for medium length hair, the easy chignon! I find this one easier to make really nice and much less hassle on medium length hair than long hair. You can of course make it on long hair too and I do make it on mine but when I did it on my friend Ida´s hair I did it so fast and easy making it the perfect every day hairstyle for days when you don´t have a lot of time to spend on your hair. Follow these easy steps to create it:

1. Make a low ponytail. If you want to you can already now twist the hair a bit in the ponytail for added effect later.
2. Make an inside out ponytail. You do this by creating a little hole just above the elastic of the ponytail then you take the ponytail and you flip it through from the outside to the inside.
3. Now take the ponytail and roll it up and secure with bobbypins.
4. Arrange it to look neat and nice!



I borrowed my lovely friend Ida´s hair to do hairstyles on middle length hair instead of my longer hair. Many updos are actually easier and looks better on middle length hair than long hair in my opinion. I did three easy updos that work really well on this length. I´m working on putting together the tutorials for them so check back for them during the week!

Hair Tutorial

I love braids and they always make a hairstyle so casual and relaxed. This cute 3 braids into 1 is a perfect every day hairstyle and it takes 5 minutes or less to make! I think it´s so nice to wear now during spring and even better later when it´s summer with a cute summer dress. Follow these easy steps to create it:

1. Make a side ponytail.
2. Divide the ponytail in three parts and braid them normally.
3. Pull on each of the braids to create volume, this is especially important if you have hair on the thinner side like me.
4. Create one big braid of the three braids.
5. Pull on the braid to create volume.

Finished! Super easy!

Easy every day hair

This is 4 easy every day hairstyles I´ve been wearing lately. It´s not always you have time or feel like spending a lot of time on your hair and then it´s great to have a few hairstyles to go to for cute hair in no time!

The fishtailbraid bun is easy to ceate! You first make a high ponytail, then fishtailbraid the ponytail and twist it around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Make sure that you can see the fishtailbraid.

Easy twisted half updo is is a very cute go to look for every day! You start with one side of the head and in the front you take two pieces of hair next to each other and change position on them, then you add hair to the lower strand of hair and change position on them again. Continue like this until you reach the middle of the back, at the end you don´t have to add hair just twist them around each other. Secure it temporarily with an elastic or a clip. Do the same on the other side. Secure them togehter in the back with an elastic.

Fluffy fishtailbraid is one of my favorite hairstyles. You make a high ponytail, backcomb the top of the ponytail a bit, smooth out the surface, and create a fishtailbraid at the end of the ponytail. So easy and quick!

Braid in braid! It´s super easy to make and so cute. You can make it in the back, on the side or as a high ponytail. I did a tutorial for it on Check it out here...



This is a cool, fun boho hairstyle that will be perfect for the upcoming music festivals or concerts! Check out the tutorial I did on DivineCaroline...

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